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This is what happened. We all just finished our lunch at Mellow Mushroom & my step son Vance (age 11) saw me pull out an UPwords card to leave for our waitress. 

I was getting ready to jot a note inside the card & he says, "Can I write it?" How cute is that!! (I caught him in action in this pic)

Just last week, when I was writing a note, he asked, "Can you add my name to the card too!"

It is always the right thing to let others know we appreciate them. And...it's not just for adults 

Happy {almost} New Year's Eve!

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Passing it along!

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Sharing makes you bigger than you are.  The more you pour out, the bigger you are!                                

A strong relationship is a reciprocal relationship. That’s why you need to develop the ability to share. When you pass something along to someone else, whether it’s an idea, a feeling or a resource, everybody wins. If you pick up a good idea today, pass it along. Say, “Hey, I found a book that really helped me.” Maybe the book got you thinking. Maybe it changed your health. Maybe it inspired you. Whatever benefit you received can be passed along. And in the process of passing it along, you will benefit again and again. If you share what you’ve learned with 10 different people, they get to hear it once, and you get to hear it 10 times. It’s probably going to do more for you than for them until they start the sharing process, too.

For me, giving seminars, writing books and recording programs are all joys in life. They are the best investment I can make of my words, Spirit, heart, soul, time and energy. I enjoy nothing more than to hear somebody say, “You got me started. You turned my lights on, turned my mind around, got me thinking, got me pondering… and I’ve been on track ever since.” You will hear that kind of praise (and more!) when you share. Share with your children. Share with your colleagues. Share with everybody that comes within your grasp.

Sharing makes you bigger than you are. If you have a full glass of water, can the glass hold any more water? The answer is yes, but only if I pour out what’s already in it. That’s what I’m asking you to do.  If you're full of ideas, if you’re full of good things, I’m asking you to pour them out. As you do, I promise you, more will be poured in.

Unlike a glass however, when you pour something out of yourself, you become.  

By Jim Rohn from success.com

The generous soul will be made rich,
And he who waters will also be watered himself.
Proverbs 11:25

Encouragement tip: SIMPLE & FUN

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One secret is:  LISTEN.  

When you hear what someone is saying, you can play off of their words -what fun!

As I was making a purchase at Verizon yesterday, the sales associate, Hannah, asked me if she could take a picture of me (with my new product) to post as a satisfied Verizon customer.  

I had fun being playful in this moment and said, 'Sure...if I can then have a pix of you with one of my cards.'  She was like, 'Sure, what kind of cards?'   I started to tell her about UPwords cards and how they can be used to encourage others every day.  She said, 'I need this!! I have had such a hard day!'   I pulled out a few different cards for her to see - she was drawn to the card named  'b r e a t h e'  as she let me know it  was just what she needed.  She smiled as she read it aloud.  She told me how she knew God sent me into  the store. I told her that God is always doing small things along the way, in her life, to get her attention because He cares for her.  A simple thing like this card made it a day changer for her.

Stop & Smell the Roses

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We are all familiar with the expression, "Stop & smell the roses!" This may be a cliché, but new research suggests it is sound advice for finding satisfaction in life.

How incredible that Jesus is also described as a rose! He wants us to stop & just be with Him to experience true satisfaction in His presence.  

“I am the rose [of the plain] of Sharon, The lily of the valleys [that grows in deep places].” Song of Sol. 2:1

The above study suggests that appreciating the meaningful-ness of things and people in our lives may play an even larger role in our overall happiness, says                                                  Stacey Kennelly, A Scientific Reason to Stop and Smell the Roses.

Why are you here?

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Why are you here on earth? As believers, we are called to be SALT. And what does salt do? It creates a THIRST!

We are God's salt shaker in the earth, "creating a thirst" in those around us! He is the thirst quencher - the true living water of life!

You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor? Matt. 5:13

WANTED: The best seat in the house!

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Have you ever desired the 'best seat' at a football game, a concert, at the theater, a wedding, etc.?

It can seem disappointing to know that you could not obtain the best seat possible. But...I'd like to encourage you to know this...you DO have the BEST seat in the house (if you know Christ)!


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Did it happen to you?

...as I journeyed & came near Damascus at about noon, suddenly a great light from heaven shone around me. Acts 22:6
The Lord is so personal...meeting each of us where we are, in the journey of our life.  He appears to us in a specific moment of time!  Like Paul, there is a "NOW IT HAPPENED" moment that began a change in us! 

For me, my moment was April 1991.  I was alone in my room at midnight and asked, "Lord, Jesus....whoever you are...if You're real, I want to know You."  Now it happened, in this moment, that He revealed to me who He is and changed my life forever!!

I'd love to hear about this moment in 'your' life! :)  What happened when He showed up in your life?

Small acts of kindness bring results

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Today I picked up a large lunch order for the office. One of the gals who works there carried my bags (going all the way up her arms) to my car. She had such a great attitude of serving! She said she loved what she does because she’s organized. After tucking the bags into the van, I told her I had something for her. I pulled out about 5 different UPwords cards from my carrying case & fanned the cards to her. I asked which one she’d like & she quickly said, “I like BEAUTIFUL!” She opened & read & gave me a big hug!
It's the little things that can change a day for both the giver & the receiver.
Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”  Luke 6:38

The teacher!

18 April, 2016 1 comments Leave a comment

The greatest thing we can all learn is to love.

We can learn from the best Teacher on love.  Who?  God Himself is the great Teacher.  We are His pupils & learn from Him.

Our natural selfishness keeps us back from loving. We need every incentive, every help to get us to think of others, as we do ourselves.

I don’t need to say very much, I’m sure! For God himself is teaching you to love one another.  1 Thess. 4:9

Be encouraged today that HE will be your teacher on how to love.

How?  Tell Him you want more of Him and less of you.  He'll show you how!


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