Encouragement 'to go' tip: seize the moment!..

08 April, 2016 0 comments Leave a comment

You can be the "UP" in someone's life in any given moment! Here's just one example of how fun & simple it can be for you too!

Picking up my Mexican 'to go' meal, a friend popped over to say a quick hello. She was celebrating her daughter's 15th b'day with her friends. A moment presented itself to do something (though I had not planned it). I reached into my purse & chose a "Celebrate" UPwords card, jotted a note & had her Mom give to her daughter. Over a year later, my friend just sent these words from her daughter Madeline! 

"When Mrs. Weaver gave me the b'day card, I was eating dinner with my friends for my birthday & the card was the best surprise I could’ve gotten. I thought it was so cool & so did my friends. It was so nice to be surprised like that." :)

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