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18 April, 2016 1 comments Leave a comment

The greatest thing we can all learn is to love.

We can learn from the best Teacher on love.  Who?  God Himself is the great Teacher.  We are His pupils & learn from Him.

Our natural selfishness keeps us back from loving. We need every incentive, every help to get us to think of others, as we do ourselves.

I don’t need to say very much, I’m sure! For God himself is teaching you to love one another.  1 Thess. 4:9

Be encouraged today that HE will be your teacher on how to love.

How?  Tell Him you want more of Him and less of you.  He'll show you how!


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  1. Annmarie Chin March 20, 2017

    There would ne no use for “upwords” in a perfect world. God the Father knew of the imperfection of man & so he made the ultimate sactifice to allow us all the oppertunity to cleanse our impersections & atone after we follow evil by allowing us to ask for cleansing & salvation via the Blood of JESUS…. Evil always tries to discredit anything or anyone who LIFTS UP OTHERS, highlights HOPE, LOVE, PEACE & LIGHTS the path for those who
    are on or in a Dark place. This is evident when NEGATIVE PEOPLE will choose to discredit, criticize or tarnish Someone or a Channel of PEACE, HOPE or UPWORDS. The only PERFECTION which exists is GOD HIMSELF & so we should leave COMMENTS & Criticizm to encourage POSITIVE GROWTH & SUCCESS, not to TEAR DOWN & DESTROY for that would be spitting in the face of GOD. UPWARDS aims to emit the LIGHT OF GOD, to encourage PEACE, HOPE & LOVE.

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