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04 April, 2014 0 comments Leave a comment

Can you recall a specific moment that you decided to step out of your comfort zone to do something nice for someone else?  It probably felt quite uncomfortable, but you did it just the same!  I like how Joyce Meyer's says it, "Do it afraid!"  Basically, do it anyways.  Why?  Because it is not until you give, that you receive.  
My moment happened today when I decided to give my first UPwords card.  
The new assortment of cards were delivered at 11:00am to my workplace.  How thrilling to actually see and touch the big word in a small card greeting card.  Wahoo!  The very 1st card was given at 11:11am to a co-worker, who told me earlier about the loss of his 47 year old cousin. 
Compassion card
The compassion card seemed to be a perfect choice of cards.  Of the 8 life-themed cards,     I left it on his desk as he was in a meeting.   He later responded with an email that said, "With the precision ping of a percussion triangle, you touched my heart yesterday….."
 'Be the UP in someone's life today!'
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