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01 March, 2015 1 comments Leave a comment

LAST WORDS can be quite significant to the hearer!

When I think about last words, I think about what I’d want to tell people if I knew my time was up - letting them know what really mattered to me in this life (I hope they already knew)!
What matters to you about life that you would want to tell about?  What would your last words be to those you care about?
What an example we have in the Word about last words.  Jesus is exceptional in the fact that He shared His last words both on the cross and before He ascended to heaven.  Jesus’s last words to the thieves, that bore a cross on the left and right side of His cross, was quite powerful.  But I would like to bring attention to the last words He spoke to His disciples (those who follow Him like you & I).  These words give our lives a clear purpose.  I leave you with His Last Words....  
You are to go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone everywhere.  Mark 16:15
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  1. Stacey March 02, 2015

    Interestingly enough this is what my Pastor just preached yesterday.

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