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A show off is considered one who tries to impress other people with his/her abilities and possessions.  Being a show off has a bad wrap, as we think of this person as saying, 'Look at me!’

But wait!  Let's look at a show off in the positive sense.

In the right light, God is saying, 'Go ahead and SHOW OFF all of who you are!  That's what I intended for your life!’  Showing off is really just allowing the gift that you are to be seen and experienced by others.  People can better understand a little piece of God because of your life.  Let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.  Matt. 5:16  

It magnifies who He is. It makes HIM bigger, and not us. Just like a magnifying glass causes something to seem great and more important. Let God be magnified!  Psalm 70:4  

 The truth is, God is looking for us to be a show off!  So go ahead!  Be a SHOW OFF and let others see the the big you, the real you...the gifted you.   A person can receive only what God gives them from heaven.  John 3:27



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  1. KK April 06, 2015

    Love it! <3

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