Never mind the Bull!..

10 May, 2015 2 comments Leave a comment

Here is a pic of my love & I riding our bikes.  We met on a bike ride, married on a bike ride & honeymooned on a ride!  When I met my Rob, I followed hard after him with all my love...& still do!  Enough of that :)

While riding one day, it dawned on me the importance of following hard after the rider in front of you (drafting). 

In cycling, drafting is a technique where two moving objects are caused to align in a close group reducing the overall effect of drag.  Any time one bicyclist is riding behind another, energy is conserved.

My encouragement to you is that following hard (close behind another) your energy can be conserved.   Meaning, your supply can be provided by another.

I believe we all have things we follow hard after!  The ultimate, as Matthew Henry stated so wonderfully, "Following hard speaks of a very earnest desire & a serious vigorous endeavour to keep up communion with God."

My whole being follows hard after You & clings closely to You (close behind you)  Psalm 63:8  AMP

Following hard after God will give you an energy boost that is beyond this world.  I can testify!  Never mind a temporary Red Bull, Monster or a B12 shot, choose Him 1st & you will will have an energy that is super-natural, daily.



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  1. Karen May 12, 2015

    Love the analogy…thank you!

  2. Diane May 11, 2015

    That’s is great Sydney. I love the analogy that working together is better and beneficial. Let’s ride the drag together!

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