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Ebenezer:  who he was / who he became
The classic tale, the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, is the epitome of a selfish, mean-spirited, narcissistic old man. But as Scrooge discovers the joy of good deeds, he blooms with the "helper's high" and his spirit is reborn.  And a merrier man had never been seen, as the story goes (Charles Dickens).  Ever wonder where Ebenezer's name came from?

Samuel then took a stone...and named it Ebenezer (meaning, “the Stone of Help”), for he said, “The Lord has certainly helped us!”  1 Sam. 7:12

What was Ebenezer's Helper's High?
The Helper's High was DOING GOOD DEEDS! 

Proven facts about Good Deeds
Doing good deeds is proven to promote good health.  Being a helper, or a giver to others, can help you live healthier life!Researchers have actually looked at the helper's high and its effects on the human body.  And....scientists continue to search to understand how the practice of unselfish concern or to do good deeds, affects our health in a positive sense.

Everyday, countless people choose to give of their time to volunteer - whether it's serving at soup kitchen, cleaning up, taking elderly people to the grocery store, or helping a next-door neighbor.  What makes us perform good deeds?  Perhaps the fact that when we do good, for the sake of others, we feel a greater comfort & less stress (a proven fact). 

Compassion in our Brain                                                                                                                               "This is extremely important, Mr. Post, from WebMD says. "This is the care and connection part of the brain.  These brain studies show this profound state of joy and delight that comes from giving to others. It doesn't come from any dry action - where the act is out of duty in the narrowest sense, like writing a check for a good cause. It comes from interacting with people. There is the smile, the tone in the voice and the touch. 

This Christmas, be challenged to do good, for the sake of others. It is the greatest gift we can give!  Wait!  Knowing Jesus (who came to save us from our sins so we can know Him) this is the best gift!

He (Jesus) went around doing good... Acts 10:38

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