About UPwords


What sparked the idea? Twenty years ago, a friend was facing a life crisis and I wanted to encourage him.  What started as little sticky notes on his kitchen cabinet, led to the distribution of hundreds of little handmade cards.  The simple idea caught on quickly and we began selling in stores locally.  It all grew from there.

But then technology came along, and electronic hand held devices robbed us of the impact of face to face connections.  Sure it’s easy to shoot off a quick email or a text to a friend.  But when our friends really need an encouraging word, or we just want to say, ‘THANKS’, or you will ‘OVERCOME’ this situation, face to face is so much more personal, and definitely more appreciated when said with UPwords little cards.

Realizing that words carry power, we want to say something worth saying.  At UPwords, we understand people want a hopeful card that expresses words that may be hard to find on their own.





UPwords is unique because each card contains an uplifting scripture that is perfect for everyday encouragement.

UPwords is about connecting with neighbors, co-workers, friends and family.  UPwords teaches people to encourage each other in simple, powerful ways that easily fit into crowded schedules.  Much more than a greeting card company, UPwords uses thoughtful products that provide life-giving, creative connections.  Our cards reach a very diverse demographic that connects us beyond age, gender, and culture.  Our little cards are specifically designed to take out the middleman, the postman, and let YOU deliver. 

It’s how we turn a stranger into an acquaintance, and an acquaintance into a friend.  It’s how we make these vital connections that all the technology in the world simply can’t replace.  And UPwords cards are just the way we can do that.

So it’s time to get connected. It’s time to move UPwords!

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