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Sydney in the news 

The Beautiful Girl
Published on: January 16th, 2015
Written by: Natalia Crawford

Over the past couple of months I have had the privilege of getting to know Sydney as well as to use UPWords, a company she started that sells encouraging cards with a word and scriptures on them. After getting a pack of UPWords and giving them out to people I was able to experience how impactful and powerful they were. The cards were such an easy way to encourage others. Sydney is passionately in love with the Lord, humble yet bold, and overall a truly loving and caring friend. Grab a cup of tea as we sit down and get to know Sydney a little bit better.

TCG: What are you passionate about?

Sydney: I am most passionate about holding out the Word of Truth so others can LIVE :) (Phil 2:16)

TCG: What is UPWORDS and how did it start?

Sydney: Twenty years ago, a friend was facing a life crisis and I wanted to encourage him. What started as little sticky notes on his kitchen cabinet, led to the distribution of hundreds of little handmade cards. The simple idea caught on quickly and we began selling in stores locally. It all grew from there.

UPwords is about connecting with neighbors, co-workers, friends and family. UPwords teaches people to encourage each other in simple, powerful ways that easily fit into crowded schedules. Much more than a greeting card company, UPwords uses tools of encouragement to transmit the life-changing love of Jesus Christ.


TCG: What advice do you have for women who have something on their heart but don't know where to begin?

Sydney: My advice is to always 1st seek the Lord (Matt. 6:33) and then take the 1st step in the direction of their passion. I have seen God be so clear to open OR close the door. Baby steps, and being faithful in the little.

TCG: What business advice do you have for Christian women?

Sydney: Do not be a respecter of persons, but treat the low and the high all the same. Serve them.

TCG: If you had the entirety of Christian women in front of you, what would you say to them?

Sydney: I would tell them that the best way to keep something, is to give it away. The very thing that you cannot get away from (passion), is a gift from God to you, to give away.

He who waters will also be watered himself Prov. 11:25










Jesus Way International 

Kompas Park



Empty Bowls of Carroll County

Empty Bowls is an international project to fight hunger. UPwords was glad to take a part in donating 1,000 bags, containing spoons and an encouraging card for this event held on February 22. This was Carrollton community’s 11th Empty Bowls event. The event gives artists and amateur groups the opportunity to create and donate bowls, which are then sold with a serving of locally made soup on the day of the event. This year, Empty Bowls raised $28,676 to provide support to the Carroll County Soup Kitchen!



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(June 23, 2015) Anonymous said:
@Pollyanna Richter, Exciting to know how the cards make it easy for you to encourage others :)

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(June 23, 2015) Anonymous said:
@Mickela Brusseau, like to hear they help you be creative! :)

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(June 23, 2015) Pollyanna Richter said:
I recently lost an opportunity to 'Be the UP in someone’s life' because I didn't have UPwords cards. Do you these types of situations where words just won't do it? That's right the UPwords cards speak-louder-than-words sometimes. I just placed an order for more "Thanks" cards. The cards are so easy to carry them around, and the messages are just right for our day to day life events. I love it!!!

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(June 11, 2015) Mickela Brusseau said:
I LOVE the explore card. For me I get so busy in life and all the things that NEED to get done that sometimes I forget to rest and take time to EXPLORE. When you explore you can't help but be inspired to create. Thank you what a great reminder.

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(Apr 20, 2015) Anonymous said:
@Reginald S,
just re-reading what you said...that sure make me smile that your kids received them :)

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(Jan 31, 2015) Anonymous said:
@Marylou, Sound like 'Strength' card was used to strengthen you & someone else too? :)

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(Jan 31, 2015) Anonymous said:
@Reginald S, That sounds pretty special Reginald - a little something special from Dad :)

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(Jan 27, 2015) Reginald S said:
The kids really appreciated getting a card from their dad, love for my daughter, strength to my son.

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(Jan 5, 2015) Marylou said:
Great to help others from all over ..feels good to use the cards as a reminder of strength and reinforcement to
the reason of trying so hard to help yourself ,you can help others too

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(Oct 3, 2014) Anna Wilinski said:
The cards are perfect for giving to friends and family - for so many different reasons. I love the LOVE card. I would give that one out like crazy. I just sent it to my Grandma for her 82nd birthday with an envelope full of pictures.


Did you know? As early as the 1400s, handmade greeting cards were being exchanged in various parts of Europe.
UPwords is inspired by the history of the greeting card and we continue with the same spirit!  Our mode of delivery has gone back to the grass roots of being hand delivered.  Our mission is the same today of touching lives one person at a time.

We make the card selection easy so you can maximize real time relationships.


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things I cannot; together we can do
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