So excited to use the "Strength" card for a God prompt at the grocery store. There was a father out of work who needed help. Gave him $ along with card. Pray!
Keller K. - Suwanee, GA
From depressed to overcoming! I have been a bit depressed and scared due to a down turn in my business. I was in fear mode and I happened to open the "Overcome" card. I am thankful for these beautiful little beacons of encouragement!
Renee S. - Roswell, GA
I just went through a major surgery. It's been tough as I am generally a very active and healthy person. This I will "Overcome."
Wes N. - Jasper, GA
The festy family is gonna love those cards!! They are so festy perfect .. I can't wait to hand them to strangers and make new friends!
Sheila R. - Chicopee, MA
The cards are easy and compact to put in your pocketbook, wallet or backpack area to take out and read anywhere. Just one or two scripture verses can change the way we think about things, to trust God, and not focus on the negative or fear.
Karen K. - Patricia, NH
My friend is going through the death of her father and her little doggy of 6 years both within one week - she'll be getting the ‘Strength’ card over lunch one day this week. We all need lifting up at times and this is such an easy way to do it.
Theresa M. - Jasper, GA
I gave my friend, who is struggling with alcohol addiction, the ‘Strength’ card. It put a huge smile on his face and he taped it up on the wall beside his calendar. This way he sees it every day and gives him the ‘Strength’ to keep moving forward to kick addiction for good! The cards are so simple but have such a powerful meaning!
Alex H.- Atlanta, GA
A daily addiction I don't want to live without because it's genuine and uplifting everyday.
Michael C. - Springfield, MA
With the big weight loss journey I have been going through, I am looking for inspirational things to pass onto others who are walking through their journeys of life.
Betty H. - Alexandria, MN
Loved my ‘Thanks’" card - I received one as a hostess thank you. This small, pretty message now sits on my desk to remind me to give thanks for all my blessings. Thankful to receive such a thoughtful card!
Kathleen S. - Dunwoody, GA
My good friends recently suffered a significant loss on their small farm. I didn't have words to say to them and - all I had to offer was my prayers and the little ‘Strength’ card. It’s amazing how one little card, at the right time, can be exactly what someone needs.
Carey W. - Braman, OK
I had so much fun passing the first two out to co-workers. I could tell they had an impact on the recipients.
Jennifer C. - Dallas, TX
XO Veronica, London, England
The cards are encouraging, a breath of fresh air, especially when life gets crazy. The cards can bring change to people's lives with a simple message.
Sharon F. - Houston, TX
A few words can make a day so much brighter. I totally recommend these 'vitamins for life' - take a daily dose and share with others! I think they're brilliant!
Margriet H. - Utrecht, Netherlands
"Joy" is a great reminder to stay in God's joy, not to be caught up in in all the worries and stress of life. But, knowing we shouldn't worry as He has us in the palm of His hand.
Martina P. - Gardena, CA
My 8-year-old daughter put two cards in her bedroom, ‘Joy’ and ‘Celebrate.’ She also took a few cards to her spring break camp to give to her mentors. I have the ‘Love’ card in my bedroom - they are a great decoration!
Pollyanna & Bree R. - Johns Creek, GA
Words to live by, day by day.
Kathy P. - Jacksonville, FL
I think these cards are a great way to remind friends & family that there IS something worth living for! Sometimes just a small card with an encouraging word of life can turn someone's world around!
Angel M. - Hyderbad, India
I'm a big fan of UPwords! They make it easy to share a good word with others!
Susan B. - Denver, CO
What an experience...to see the smiles of people's faces when they open one card, was almost like they just witnessed a miracle.
Nicole B. - Villa Rica, GA
The Overcome card reminded me of my new life which is given by Jesus. Amazing feeling.
Zack - Gujarat, India
Mrs. Karen at SOHO workplace,
Dunwoody, GA
A reminder of God's love that brings a smile to everyone.
Cheri M. - Norcross, GA
Love these cards. Carry them with you at all times! Everyone needs to be touched by them!
Karen K. - Roswell, GA

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