Ways to Use Upwords

Imagine, you’ve just closed on your new house, and you are handed a little ‘CELEBRATE’ card with a hand written note of congratulations from your friend who saw you through the whole process.

Or, you are hurting from a recent loss or just going through a rough time and you are handed a little ‘COMPASSION’ card that holds the perfect words of comfort and support on the inside.

Perhaps your teen is facing a tough week of finals and you want him to know you are cheering him on.  Place the little ‘STRENGTH’ card tucked inside his textbook so he’ll discover it at that crucial testing time.

How perfect it is for you to include one of these great little cards, along with a present, or for your hostess gift, when attending a dinner party.  So much more personal, and always more appreciated.

Giving flowers to a friend and you want a special little card to go with it?  See our ‘LOVE, ‘JOY’, or ‘THANKS’ card, etc.

Be the UP in someone’s life today!™



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